Applications for a Conference Bursary now open

GRA’s 5th residential group relations conference, Collaboration and Competition: Exploring the Dynamics of Working Together in groups, organisations and communities is attracting strong interest from local and international professionals and a steady stream of applications. So far, the membership includes participants from five countries and across Australia. With two international staff members that makes this a richly diverse and truly international conference. 


We are keen to encourage applications from the non-profit sector and those for whom the conference is unaffordable. Bursaries are available to assist attendance. I would be very appreciative of referring this news onto people you may know for whom this would make a difference. Enquiries about bursaries can be made to Jennifer Burrows, Conference Operations Manager.


In these few months before the conference, the Executive Team is working on refinements to the program design. With the primary task in mind of ‘To learn about the nature of collaboration and competition in a shared endeavour’, the conference as a whole is structured into several sub-systems. These meet separately in study groups and interact for the purposes of studying dynamic boundary relations, relations within and between the system, amongst other aspects.

Events bring the staff and participants together in different configurations to collaboratively study emergent behaviour. One such event is the Social Dreaming Matrix in which participants and staff join together to recount and associate to the dreams offered to the conference matrix. Later in the week, a System Relational Event, opens up the whole conference for study, with staff working out of their team roles, and participants working out of self-organised teams.

In addition to the events that involve the whole membership, members of the Advanced Consultancy Skills Training Group have a specific program of events that will stretch and challenge their capacities and skills.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jinette de Gooijer, Conference Director