A team of professional staff facilitate participants’ learning through consultancy and reflective discussions, and overall management of the conference organisation. Collectively they hold qualifications and expertise in management education, psychotherapy, group relations, organisational consultancy and leadership coaching.

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Jinette de Gooijer, Conference Director and Director Training Group

Jinette has worked on staff of group relations conferences in Australia and internationally, and published several articles, book chapters and a book in the field of systems psychodynamics. Jinette is also an exhibiting artist who integrates socioanalysis into her studio practice. She is a founding member and Past President of Group Relations Australia, Member ISPSO, and Associate OPUS. Jinette holds a Doctorate in systems psychodynamics and further qualifications in business studies and the visual arts.

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Mary McRae, Associate Director, Learning Group A


Mary is a recently retired New York University professor of Applied Psychology, where she taught courses in Group Dynamics and Multicultural Counseling for 27 years.  She has directed and worked on staff of group relations conferences in the United States and internationally, including co-director of the Leicester Conference. She has published a book, an educational video and many articles and book chapters focusing on racial and cultural dynamics in group and organizational life.  She currently is in private practice as a psychotherapist and she does executive coaching and group facilitation.  Mary is a fellow and affiliate in the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems and a member of the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations and Social Systems.


Allan Souter, Associate Director, Learning Group B

Allan has worked in his private practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with individuals, couples and groups for over 30 years, and been involved in group relations work since the late 1980s. In addition to working on group relations conferences and events he toiled for some years in the institutional side of the sponsoring and educational organisational aspects, with the Australian Institute of Socioanalysis, the forerunner of Group Relations Australia.  He has consulted to and hosted dream matrices since the early 1990s. Allan is a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Society since 2001 and chaired the 2002 Annual Symposium in Melbourne. Increasingly he works as a viticulturalist in a small family vineyard in North east Victoria.


Jennifer Burrows, Manager, Conference Operations

Jennifer is an organisational consultant and executive coach, most recently heading the Woman of the World leadership program for Australia. She has extensive experience working in education supporting change innovations and curriculum development. Jennifer holds a Masters in Philosophy of Social Innovation (Organisational Analysis and Leadership) through the Grubb School of Organisational Analysis, as well as a Masters of Business (Training and Change Management) and further qualifications in education. Jennifer is a member of Group Relations Australia and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations. She is a Board member of Annecto, a not-for-profit age and disability support organisation, and Chair of the Culture Committee.

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Claes Agin, Consultant

Claes is a freelance organisational consultant and coach working in a variety of industries such as health, automotive retail, government, energy, water and manufacturing. He has participated in and worked as staff on group relations conferences in Australia. Claes provides services with a systems psychodynamics orientation to groups and individuals in organisations. He is highly involved in community sports and is working on developing leadership skills for youth. Claus also holds a master in Organisation Dynamics and degrees in Computer Science and Engineering.

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Leslie B. Brissett, Consultant, Training Group

Leslie is the Director of the Group Relations Programme at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. His role involves working across the networks of group relations institutions and practitioners to understand what impact can be achieved and what needs can be met, through application of learning about groups in society. For the last 20 years Leslie has served as a Magistrate and Board member in further education. He was a member of the British Psychoanalytic Council’s Independent Scrutiny and Advisory Committee (ISAAC). Leslie has studied at post-graduate level at the London School of Economics and Cambridge University.

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Greg Cook, Consultant

Greg is a psychologist and organisational consultant and a director of Centre for Leadership and Management. CLM provides executive coaching, organisational consulting and leadership development programs for government, health and tertiary education organisations throughout Australia. Greg also holds professional qualifications as a teacher and social worker and has worked in schools and prisons, in clinical roles in community mental health, acute psychiatry and private practice; and in higher education. He is a member of Group Relations Australia and formerly, a member of the Committee of Management. 

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Nuala Dent, Consultant

Nuala is Director of Drawing on Experience and a NIODA staff member. As well as teaching and research, her consulting work provides services in leadership development and organisational change, drawing on socioanalytic and arts-based methods. She has previously worked on group relations conferences and has published several articles. Nuala is a member of Group Relations Australia and ISPSO. She holds a Master in Organisation Dynamics and is nearing completion of her PhD, exploring unconscious process in partially distributed teams.


Helen McKelvie, Consultant

Helen has worked as a lawyer, researcher and legal policy officer in the public sector.  For the past 20 years she has been the Manager, Medico-legal Policy and Projects at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine where she has more recently taken up a part-time internal consultant role in planning and organisation dynamics.  Helen holds a Masters in Management, Leadership (Organisation Dynamics) from the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics Australia, law and arts degrees, and qualifications as a yoga teacher. She is an associate member of Group Relations Australia.